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2 Mar

Autumn in Val di Sole – A Colorful Vacation

Yellow, orange, amber, red. The hues of autumn are many and all wonderful to observe and photograph.

Nature in the Val di Sole in Trentino dons a dress in autumn that definitely does not go unnoticed, made of warm colors and hues worthy of an artist’s palette. From summer green to bright yellow, ocher, warm orange, and vivid red. Warm, fiery colors. Foliage, nature’s true spectacle. And there’s probably no season that’s more spectacular than autumn to experience an intimate relationship with nature.

So, if you’re looking for ideas to spend an autumn vacation filled with outdoor activities, the Val di Sole is probably your best destination.

Wear your hiking boots and bring your camera with you, to capture the myriad of colors that nature offers and wonder at all their beauty.

An autumn to savor

Autumn also coincides with harvesting season for fragrant mushrooms, apples, and chestnuts! And it’s no doubt the season to savor, par excellence, especially here in the Val di Sole where, as you probably already know, apples are the quintessential fruit.

Between September and October, when grazing animals, such as cows and goats return to pasture, the valleys dress up to celebrate autumn, and that’s when the well-known Pomaria festival is held every year in Casez, a small Renaissance village in the nearby Val di Non. Casez becomes the stage for events and entertainment, with rich proposals from the Road of Apples and Flavors – Strada della Mela e dei Sapori. An autumn vacation in the Val di Sole is also a great excuse for a delicious food and wine tour.

Autumn hiking

If you love nature, don’t miss out on being able to marvel at the animals that frolic in our woods every year! In the Stelvio National Park, in September and October, you can hear the wild call of mating deer while, in the two suggestive valleys adjacent to the Val di Sole, Pejo and Rabbi, within in the protected oasis, guided excursions are organized during which you can admire animals in their natural habitat. A very special autumn stroll!

Outdoors for all under a rainbow of colors

The Val di Sole and surrounding valleys are truly magical in autumn. Places, such as Lake Caprioli, the Saent waterfalls, the Tibetan bridge of the Val di Rabbi, and Pian Palù lake are just some of the places you’ll love to visit and your children will adore. You can mountain bike on trails and routes with weather that is mild and never too chilly, experience the thrill of rafting, take leisurely walks in the woods, or even go tarzaning, canyoning, fishing, Nordic walking, or horseback riding.

There’s no better choice, no simpler or more authentic place than the Val di Sole to spend a true autumn vacation kissed by the abundance of warm colors in a season that never ceases to amaze.